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Terms & Conditions

General Conditions

1 – The contents of our website are aimed only for users aged 18 years or above to purchase.

2 – Reservation and special requests conditions:
Please read all these terms and conditions bellow carefully before booking our services.  
By confirming any service with Shinysummer Unipessoal, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, as they may be modified and posted on our website from time to time. These terms and conditions apply to all transfer services provided by us to you and we agree that these are the only conditions that will apply.
 2.1 – All orders must be placed at least 36 hours in advance of departure.
 2.2 – In your best interest please provide us with the correct flight time and number as well as your resort and accommodation address. Any changes in this information must be reported immediately to Shinysummer Unipessoal or the relevant ground operator and may be subjected to extra costs:
 2.2.1 – Before arrival service: Contact Shinysummer Unipessoal company, via e-mail.
2.2.2 – Locally: Contact ground operator (contacts are sent by our company via e-mail before arrival).
2.2.3 – Shinysummer Unipessoal accepts no responsibility and will provide no compensation for the loss of transfer of arrival/departure flight should the customers not provide the correct flight time and number and dates of the transfer(s) services. Any changes in this information must be reported immediately to our company or ground operator. If the resort chosen by the customer does not match the location of the accommodation address given, the customer will be held responsible for the payment of any extra charges to cover the difference.
2.2.4 – SPECIAL REQUESTS: Shinysummer Unipessoal will endure efforts to assist any request but NO GUARANTEE can be given. Unless specifically agreed by us in writing – by email – we do not accept bookings, which are conditional upon special requests being met.

3 – Luggage (conditions for the arrival/departure’s transfer):
3.1 – All clients should notify Shinysummer Unipessoal of any extra items before the service, and if not reported, our company is are entitled to charge locally per item or cancel the booking without any refund.
The extra items are:
- Luggage;
- Surf boards;
- Golf Equipment;
- Bicycles;
- All other undeclared items.
3.2 – Any excess luggage/golf clubs must be declared at the time of the booking.
3.3 – We do not accept any responsibility for carrying undeclared over-sized luggage such as: surfboards, pet’s boxes, wheelchairs or senior scooters. Shinysummer Unipessoal is entitled to cancel the service if such situations occur.
3.4 – In the case of undeclared over-sized luggage or undeclared excess luggage the clients will be held responsible for covering the additional cost which will be charged locally (local taxes will apply).
3.5 – Each passenger is allowed 1 items of luggage with a max. width + length + height = 158cm, and 1 hand bag.
3.6 – Customer’s luggage and personal belongings are entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage.
NOTE : Depending on the size of extra item it may be that carriage will be provided in an additional vehicle charged locally.

4 – Payment conditions:
Our payment conditions are sent with confirmation e-mail.
We request prepayment for all our services, we do not provide any service without it being paid before arrival/transfer(s) services. 
 Our company provides the prices of services in Euros only.

5 – Insurance:
It is our compromise that the transfers you purchase from our company will be performed with reasonable skill and care, in accordance with our agreement.
We reserve the right to subcontract the provision of the transfer(s) to third parties and in such situations, our liability is limited to ensure that we use due care and skill in the selection of the third party to provide the transfer(s).
5.1 – Our company is fully insured, having all the insurances requested by Portuguese law. All transfers provided are insured by the local Ground Handling Operator.
5.2 – All transportation has passenger insurance inside the vehicle. Shinysummer Unipessoal is not responsible for damages or losses that are not directly linked to our services.
 5.3 – It is a condition of booking with our company that every customer who travels must have adequate insurance cover.

6 – Cancellation Policy:
Customers may cancel their booking at any time by email only.
- For cancellations within 7 days of the transfer(s) date, no deposit will be refunded.
- 8 – 14 days prior to the transfer(s) date refund value will be 30% of the cost of the booking.
- Cancellations outwith 15 days of the transfer(s) date, will be fully refunded the cost of the booking (except the cancellation fee).
All cancellation fees in regards to refunds will be supported by the clients, charged in the total to be refunded.
6.1 – In the case of clients no-show at the arrival or departure’s transfer this is non-refundable.
6.2 – All refunds will be made in Euros. We will not accept any responsibility if the amount refunded does not match the agreed sum due to bank charges.

7 – Children Policy:
All children and infants count towards the occupancy of the vehicle, regardless of age, and thus should be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking. If you require a child seat for a child, we strongly recommend that you bring your own due to the variation in quality and availability across destinations.
7.1 – Child seats: our company will make every efforts to provide this equipment, when requested by the client, not all of our ground operators have this equipment and in some countries standards differ and it is not compulsory to use. This service is not guaranteed and is on a request basis only. Local taxes may apply by reserving this equipment.

8 – Taxi/minibus service conditions:
The destination and pick-up address on your booking is the address to which the customers will be dropped-off and picked-up, except if the drop-off and pick-up place is unknown for example a private house, or situated in narrow streets where it is difficult or not possible for the minibus to reach. In this case of unknown drop-off or pick-up places it is the customer’s responsibility to provide us or the driver/ground operator with the information or map to get to their accommodation or suitable point where the customer will be dropped-off and picked-up in a well-known point in their resort/town. The cost of transfer(s) is from the airport to the stated accommodation on the confirmation e-mail and return if the service has been purchased. No deviations will be made.

9 – Service refusal: 
Shinysummer Unipessoal reserves the right to refuse transportation to any customer who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or whose behavior is considered dangerous to the driver, the vehicle, or the other customers safety. Customers must be suitably dressed, e.g. shirt and shoes required.
9.1 – Customers are not allowed to drink any alcoholic drinks on our vehicles.
9.2 – Our vehicles are non-smoking.

10 – Departure transfer instructions:
We do not accept any responsibility for customers who have not confirmed their pick-up time before the departure and then are not collected and subsequently miss his/her return flight. For the departure transfer the maximum time you will be required to wait is 30 minutes after the confirmed pick up time.
12.1 – Shinysummer Unipessoal will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that our taxi/shuttle minibus are at the pick-up time confirmed before departure to collect the customers. However, circumstances beyond our control may delay our vehicle.
The following situations are example of circumstances out of our control:
a) accidents on the road
b) severe weather conditions
c) vandalism and terrorism situations
d) unforseen traffic jams
e) delays caused by other customers
f) the vehicle being held or delayed by a police officer
g) unexpected mechanical problems

11 – Complaints:
Please note that Shinysummer Unipessoal is unable to receive any verbal statement as complaint, and all complaints must be received in writing with the booking number within 15 days after the transfer(s) date by our company, and we will endeavor to resolve all queries and complaints within 28 days of notification, when possible.